Maison Objet 2017

It is really important for all designers to visit trade shows and in particular International Design Trade shows to keep abreast of new trends and innovative ideas so that they can adapt these ideas and creations for their own clients.

Hence a few ideas that I picked up at the show that I think could be quite useful for our clients here in Ireland.

I am not a big fan of any form of fake flowers etc., but we are living in such busy times that I have to adapt to my clients lack of free time and entertain the artifical plant market

There was some great stands at the Paris show that is responding to our busy lifestyle. We all want to feel we are surrounded by some form of greenery and of course it can add greatly to soften the look of a modern interior with outstandingly high qualiity flowers and plants.

indoor plants

decoration plants

Have a look at this innovative and clever design for a hammock. It would look great in a little city garden. Or Indoors… So cool for an apartment and very Zen!

hammock design

And finally, there is no break from the wonderful design world of Paris Design week…..

I saw this clever object advertised on the back of a toilet door!!

new idea phone


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