Interior Styling is another dimension to our repertoire of interior design services. Styling can be a great, economical way of uplifting a tired looking interior or it can be a quick way to inject additional value into an existing interior scheme.

We can style your home or commercial property over merely a few days with a range of custom-selected products such as artwork, lights, cushions, ornamental finishes, ready-made curtains, rugs, and any item that is removable at a future date.

Interior styling can be carried out on a strict budget, a mid-range budget or we can give a totally high-end, luxurious interior fit out.

You tell us your requirements and we will go in with a team of painters, decorators, or even cleaners to execute a complete turn-key operation.

Big or small jobs, we are happy to chat with you about interior styling work in any part of the country.

Contact us for a chat about your forthcoming project.

We are currently in the business of styling for Airbnb properties, both on a commercial scale as well as with one-off personalised homes.
These photographs show how twelve, four-bedroom apartments were painted, styled and kitted out over a period of two weeks by our team for a corporate client in an Airbnb business.