At Kitt Interiors, we are past experts at creating space out of nowhere, through storage solutions, tricks of the trade, and a little bit of magic!

  • Wondering where to put all the wine?
    How about an under-stairs wine-rack?
  • Nowhere to put that office?
    We can make a room pop-up out of anywhere!
  • Don't dismiss your hallway - it's an extra room!
    Use a runner rug to create length and colour for comfort.
  • Hallway feeling a little claustrophobic?
    Open it up with wood, glass, & gaps in the stairs.
  • Narrow spaces are still spaces
    Use mirrors to create the illusion of more space.
  • We don't discriminate - size is not always everything!
    Tranform a tiny space into a shiny space.
  • Put it away!!
    Use clean white units for invisible storage.