Award-Winning Electric Blinds

Smart, Safe, Stylish, & Sustainable

At Kitt Interiors, we’ve partnered with Coulisse, the global leader in smart window coverings since 1992, to provide the Irish market with their award-winning electric blinds.  These are the only blinds on the market to offer the latest in smart home technology: Thread and Matter, along with Bluetooth as standard.

These motorised blinds provide superior choices across several key points: style, safety, privacy, view, interactivity, automation, and sustainability

Cutting-edge Technology

A woman lying on the sofa in a minamilist apartment using a remote control to operate her electric blinds

We supply electric blinds powered by MotionBlinds, a smart technology system, comprising a USB-rechargeable motor and an easy-to-use app, that allows you to operate your blinds remotely using a range of devices. 

These electric blinds can operate automatically in response to environmental stimuli and information from other smart home systems, such as thermostats and lighting.

They can also be operated manually via an effortless one-pull rod, a cordless system that’s safer for children and pets.

For even more advanced technology, you can opt to have your electric blinds powered by Eve MotionBlinds Motors with Apple HomeKit Technology.

These award-winning advanced blind motors are the first blinds on the market to use Matter-over-Thread. Furthermore, regular software/firmware updates keep your blinds from falling behind the times

Clever Customisation

We customise our electric blinds to suit your needs, whether that’s privacy, glare avoidance, heat retention, view preservation, carbon footprint, or all of the above.

We supply a variety of blind types, including roller blinds, Roman blinds, honeycomb blinds, pleated blinds, vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, and blackout blinds in a range of stylish colours.

Blinds can be sold ready-made or made-to-measure. We can also retrofit your existing blinds to make them electric, smart, and automated.

We supply electric blinds for all settings, be it residential, commercial, or hospitality, and our blinds meet all building regulatory standards.

Woman sitting a home office desk on her laptop. The blinds on the window in the background are translucent and half way down.

Environmentally Conscious

Dark fabric electric blinds with view of exterior possible while shading a room filled with plants

Not only do we supply electric blinds with the most up-to-date smart technology, but these blinds can be made with 90% recycled plastic to help offset your carbon footprint. If you choose this option, for every square meter of electric blind you purchase, 11 PET bottles will have been taken out of the ocean. 

The reason we can’t supply you with blinds made from 100% recycled material is to meet fire safety standards. This allows these eco-friendly electric blinds to be flame-retardant.

In addition, our blinds are made with fabric that is both heat-retaining in cold conditions and cooling in warmer temperatures, making our electric blinds a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly window covering option.

The Interior Designer's Role in Choosing and Installing Electric Blinds

Ensure the Right Spec

A living room setting with a large art work standing next to one wall. Grey coloured blinds are half way down the window.

Do you have valuable artwork or furniture in your home that needs protection from harsh rays? Or maybe you have house plants getting scorched at midday but need afternoon sun? 

Perhaps your office employees require privacy but also want to enjoy the view. Or maybe your team needs to avoid screen glare whilst also benefitting from adequate light.

An experienced designer can help you choose the right specs for your electric blinds, such as fabric, thickness, colour, and technological integrations, to suit your space, belongings, and unique priorities.

Save Money

Be it a residential, commercial, or hospitality setting, Kitt Interiors can save money in the long-run by not only helping you choose the right characteristics for your electric blinds, but also ensuring your blinds are future-proofed, energy efficient, and meet legislation.

Not only this, but our experienced team can fit and hang your blinds quickly and effortlessly. We can also offer a follow-up service if you need any future help maintaining your electric blinds.

Hassle-free Installation

A brief case showing a demo kit for Kitt Interiors electric blinds

When you choose Kitt Interiors supplied and installed electric blinds, powered by MotionBlinds, you can opt for the latest technology combined with energy efficiency, sustainability, ease-of-use, safety, and beauty  resulting in the most modern, advanced, and high-quality electric blinds available.

Get in touch with us today to see a demo of how the blinds work, browse our fabric samples and discuss how we can design and fit your blinds swiftly and cleanly so you don’t have to worry about a thing.